This month's star is Anouck De Ben

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is Anouck De Ben. She joined Signpost in February 2021 and is now Web Master at Academic Software.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
Anouck: "I’m currently Web Master at Academic Software. I mainly update and take care of the Academic Software website. I’m in charge of new content, but I also take care of the look and feel of the site. My main goal is to optimise the experience of our customers via our website."

What does your day look like?
Anouck: "I start my day with checking my agenda and emails. I prioritise my tasks and set my goals for the day. I spend most of my day behind my laptop, taking care of the optimisation of the website. I make new blogposts, fix little problems on the site or do some graphic designs. The input of other colleagues is very important for this. There is always some time to brainstorm with colleagues about how we can improve the experience."

How did you end up working at Signpost?
Anouck: "I started working at Signpost Hardware (Imaging) thanks to a friend of mine. She knew Signpost needed people, so she recommended me. After a few phone calls and emails, everything was settled. The next day was my first day at Signpost. After half a year as an interim employee, I wanted to make Signpost a permanent part of my life. I landed a job as a Service Desk Engineer at Academic Software. After a good 9 months, I took the next step within Academic Software and became a part of the amazing Marketing team, where I still am today!"

What are your interests besides work?
Anouck: "During the week, I spend most evenings at home watching ‘The 100’ or practising pole dancing. When I’m not at home, you can find me at the gym or at the bar with some friends. On weekends, I’ll be busy grooming dogs, working at the chipper or dancing until the early hours."

Anouck De Ben ACSW min