What does your day as a Copywriter look like?

As a Copywriter your day to day tasks will be quite varied. You will

  • be responsible for creating internal writing guidelines and guard over our tone of voice to offer our audience a smooth and consistent reading experience across all of our channels
  • write texts for different channels and materials, ensuring they are in line with our style guide and the quality expectations of our users
  • edit guest posts in terms of tone, relevance, structure and SEO
  • rewrite existing texts and coordinate the necessary translations
  • transform tough-to-read technical material into content that flows naturally and is accessible to a broad audience
  • develop case studies and manage the content resulting from interviews with new and existing clients
  • establish partnerships with companies, publishers and bloggers, to introduce new traffic to our website
  • develop voice-over recording and scripting for video content

In this position, you will report directly to the Marketing Manager Academic Software.