This month's star is Alison Wolput

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is Alison Wolput. She’s working at Signpost as a PC Technician since 15 March 2021. As always, we meet Alison with a big smile and lots of enthusiasm.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
Alison: "You can find me in the service point in Kortrijk where I’m responsible for the organisation. In my department I'm responsible for the services to two school groups (RHIZO school group and Guldensporencollege) with a total of 11 departments and Howest."

What does your day look like?
Alison: "In the morning, I do my rounds. I visit the schools in my working area that reported repairs via the SP2 system. I pick up the laptops that need to be repaired. I arrive at the service point around 9:00 am to 10:00 am and start repairing. In between, I help people who come to our service point with all kinds of questions. This can be about a laptop purchase, but also advice on buying a charger, reporting a problem, etc. In the evening, I check the schools that have submitted a repair request in the system, together with the repaired devices and I plan my route for the next day."

How did you end up working at Signpost?
Alison:"My career started in HR. After having worked in the commercial temporary employee sector for a while, I decided that this was not the career path I wanted to take. After reflecting on what I did want to do, I ended up in IT. I have a great interest in IT, but no background at all. I happened to see the vacancy at Signpost. When I found out that I could come for an interview, I immediately put all my other applications on hold. After a positive interview with Bart Collet, I was given a three-day trial period to try out the job. The rest is history! 😊 It's really nice that I was given this opportunity and that I could step into the Signpost story without any experience (but with a lot of passion for IT)."

What can people contact you for?
Alison: "For all technical hardware issues, all kinds of questions about the service point and, of course, also if you just want to have a chat."

What are your interests besides work?
Alison:"I played baseball for a long time but due to a shoulder injury I had to stop this passion. Now my passion is eating out. 😊 My partner is a sommelier, so it's my duty to visit nice restaurants or interesting wineries together with him. We also have a webshop ( where you can buy natural (good!) wines. I made the webshop myself. It is great that my two passions come together this way.”