Laptop pit stop

At our laptop pit stop, we run a thorough check-up (also known as the school year cleaning) to put school laptops back in full shape after use.

We offer our customers this extra service using the tagline "Be nice to your device". We reboot them completely so that they have a fresh start of the new school year.

We take care of the pick-up and the clean-up. When we spot any damage, we make an offer and fix the device only when it's been approved by the school . We stock it if required and then deliver it back before the first day of school.

Laptop pitstop 3

How does it work?


  1. Pick up the devices at your school
  2. "Polish" them completely
  3. Check for defects
  4. Draw up a proposal for its repair
  5. Proceed to repair (after approval)
  6. Re-image the devices

Then you choose whether to:

  1. Store them (max. 2 months, e.g. during school holidays)
  2. To have them redelivered at your school.
Interested? Get in touch with us.
Laptop pitstop 2