This month's star is Cagri Avci

Every month we will introduce you to a colleague. This month's star is Cagri Avci. He joined Signpost in January 2023 and is now Data Analyst.

What exactly do you do at Signpost?
Cagri: "As a Data Analyst at Hardware, I mainly examine what info lives within systems (proprietary system, accounting, Excel documents). What data is available within the organisation? Then (which is the most interesting part) I make that data interact with each other, connecting different sources: Finance, Sales, Field Service, Production.

How do I do that? I use Power Bi to connect all the info and visualise it in dashboards. Currently, I am already very happy if the info is correct and allows me to create a dashboard. 60-70% consists of collecting reliable data. I also have regular meetings with Bob (Head Of Data) to fine-tune methodology, quality and how we deal with data.

What does your day look like?
Cagri: "I start my day by reviewing the objectives, prioritising, and mapping quick wins. In between, I check the emails to see if everything is going smoothly, nothing has crashed during the night. Other days consist mainly of meetings.

I also analyse the data sources, align them, build reports and consult with all stakeholders. The more you do data modelling, the easier it becomes. Many things can be reused afterwards.

Everyone has to believe in data. After all, thanks to data you get an insight into how things are progressing over time. Measuring is knowing! Understanding data offers endless possibilities. It used to be very complex to get a clear understanding of data, now there are more tools to process data, making it more accessible.

How did you end up working at Signpost?
Cagri: "After completing my Bachelor of Business Management, I did many internships and analyses. I started my career as a Data Analyst at Colruyt. I also learnt programming, went back to studying (Web Development) and building applications.

Thanks to a friend who was a teacher and now organises events for schools, I came into contact with Signpost. I checked the annual accounts, and that was positive

What are your interests besides work?
Cagri: "Besides my job at Signpost, I am a Transport Manager in a secondary occupation. I review routes, keep track of permits and check that vehicles are compliant. In my spare time, I also help non-profit organisations with their data.

I'm active on a daily basis: hiking, walking, climbing/bouldering... I'm also busy with renovations, after which we can start collecting data

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